what is the history of crime scene investigation?



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It’s basis dates back to a Frenchman named Locard, circa early 1900s, who postulated that any time two things come in contact, they leave remnants of themselves on each other- hair, skin, thread, dirt.


The first real crime scene investigation dates back to the first crime spree; the infamous Jack the Ripper case.
The Bobbies in Scotland Yard had the capacity to do much more than they did, such as handwriting analyses on a chalk message that Jack left at one scene, but Scotland Yard figured that they would be better off removing it to keep panic at the lowest possible (obviously it’s impossible to tell any difference, but I’d say it didn’t do anything but harm the case)
Eventually they pinned it on a Hungarian clock maker, but due to an intense hatred of immigrants at the time it’s unlikely he actually did it.
The crimes did stop, though…

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