how flies can be used in a crime scene investigation?


dont give me links…
give me some paragraphs…
-estimate the time of the death
-the cause of the death


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Hrmmmm, interesting. Lets see if we can work this out. According to quick research, the common housefly lives for approximately 30 days. That means we may be dealing with an undisturbed crime scene with dead, dying, and flying houseflies.

Other ideas include, the housefly is trapped between the window and the outside screen. Closer examination of the fly shows it’s feet are covered with a solution that was only present during the time of the “incident.” You could even have a housefly in the fridge or other closed environment (oven?). As for manner of death …

A body could land with a thump, upon an unsuspecting housefly, and crush it into the table. A housefly could simply be splattered against the wall (by hand, by swatter). A housefly could be floating in a mixed drink. A housefly could be sprayed with bug killer (which was also used as the murder weapon). A housefly could be frazzled on a green/red light bug killer. Finally, the housefly could be found in someone’s mouth (by pure accident, but causing the investigators some serious red-herring concern over how it got there). Enjoy.


…through flies a dead body in a crime investigation can be can tell us wether the dead human body is already dead for how many hours or how long it was there already……..

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