crime help?

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anybody who did last thing of 2nd quarter i need helpp with 1 – 30 please… helpppppp….. that goes to morningstr


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Paris H

1: Who directs the activities during the investigation at a crime scene?

the mayor of the city
the police chief
Your Choice: the first officer on the scene
Correct Answer: the lead forensic investigator
the police on the scene

2: Upon arrival at the scene the first priority is
Correct Answer: safety
Your Choice: catch the criminal
find good evidence
first aid for victims

3: The first walk through the crime scene includes
overall photography of the scene
touching as few things as possible
securing the crime scene
documenting smells and sounds around crime scene
Correct: all of the above

4: 4. When using hair for evidence it is good to know that
hair is not easily destroyed
hair cannot help determine race
Your Choice: hair can be used in DNA analysis
human hair can easily be confused with that of animals
Correct Answer: Two answers are correct

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