Crime scene investigation career how to start?


Hello lovies.
my name is lena,
i am currently 14 years old and im in 8th grade.
I love Csi , and i want that to be my career for when i grow up so i want that to be my job.

Im just wondering like what type of science and psychology do i have to study, because for that job you have to be really smart and study a lot. Well i am. I just need to know exactly what to study right now i want to get started right now so when im older like when i get to 9-12grade i wont need to study as much because i would now stuff by now.

But could any of yall that have worked in this or are working PLEASE PLEASE tell me what things i should start studying by now, so i can get a head start?

Any ideas or anything at all that would be helpfull?

please help.

Thank you guys for reading and commenting! :D

ALSO ONE MORE THING would it be good if i choose these classes for 9th grade:
Intro to Medical Science
Canine Science?


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You should know that there are ALOT of parts of the job that are extremely monotonous and tedious that get glossed over in CSI and the reality is much different, however it is still a career that appealed to me. You should study the 3 main sciences as far as you can until you can attend a college that offers Forensic and Analytical Science. You are likely to focus on Chemistry or Biology here. You could also do Criminology or Psychology as a Minor.


Go to college and major in criminal justice with a minor in forensic science. Also, intern during the summer with the state patrol or FBI.


Most crime scene investigator jobs require applicants to have a thorough understanding of the natural and physical sciences, like biology or chemistry. If your school doesn’t offer a crime scene investigation degree, you can design your own program based on classes in these sciences, as well as social or criminal psychology and criminal justice. This mix of courses will prepare you for work that requires you to apply your technical scientific knowledge to a crime scene.

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